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FS: 2 BNIB Front Fenders.

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Getting ready to move into a new house, and I completely forgot I even had these. Back when I was rebuilding my versa, due to shipping delays, and random BS, I bought a 2nd set of fenders, when these showed up, they wouldnt let me return them. So anyway, they are brand new, black primer, still in the box. Looks like they got for about $50 each from Certifit. Ill take the $50 for the pair. NO SHIPPING. Im located in the St Louis area. These were for a 07 Hatch. Probably fits all year hatchbacks so far, not sure about sedans.
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They are still brand new in box, and out in the shed. Right now we are having a 2-3inch ice storm thats supposed to be followed by 1-2 Feet of snow. I can get pics, but im not shipping them(noticed your in FL), and im not going to dig out the front of shed to get the doors open right now. Maybe later this week I will.

EDIT: I think I might of took pics of them when I was rebuilding the Versa 2 years ago, let me search.

These pics are of the ones I used before I had them painted. The ones im selling are 100% identical. Basically, I ordered a set, and them shipping them to me was taking for ever, then I found there local warehouse had some in stock, so I went and picked up a set in person. Then the ones im selling showed up a month later.

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to bad you wont ship, i need a drivers fender
i need a driver side fender.... SHIP THESE OUT
i would love to buy one of those fenders, and i agree you should ship these!
i need a driver side fender.... SHIP THESE OUT
dam it greg, i called it!
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