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FS: D2 Racing coilovers

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I have the new edition D2 racing RS coilover only have had them in for less than 2 months and I just can't handle it being low cause I like to go fast and with these you can drop your car so damn low. So I have around 300 miles on it if that.

But here are pictures with my car on them right now. I currently do not drive it cause I have a bike so they literally have only 300 miles on them.

Here is where i got the coil over from for around a grand.

D2 Racing RS Coilover System (D-NI-54) 07-11 Versa and 09-11 Cube « Free Shipping
D2 Racing RS Coilover System (D-NI-54) 07-11 Versa and 09-11 Cube « Free Shipping
im looking around 750 you can negotiate but don't try and low ball

ps coil overs are still on my car haven't gotten around to take them off they should be off probably monday next week

let me know text me 858 212 1884 or email me at [email protected] cause I don't come to this forum that much

My name is Rio


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also to add these are not even close to being all the way to the low setting you can go way more low if your willing to!!
Moved to the right section. GLWS.
Have these been sold? Also are those Continental's on those rims? How they holding up? I've always liked Conti's but have heard alot of crap about them too.
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