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FS: Lots of versa goods!!!!

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1- Ultra Racing strut bar (just put on about 1k ago) 50$ + shipping

1- AEM CAI (used about 9k) SOLD SOLD SOLD

1- Tanabe Springs (used maybe 6k) SOLD SOLD SOLD

1- Pionner AVH-4000 DVD Touchscreen Double Din (1.5 years old?) SOLD SOLD SOLD

1- set of black front hexomat floormats (3 months old) 30$ + shipping

1-4x Konig Incident 17x7 +40 Rims (near MINT) with NEW (3k old) Nitto NeoGen 215/45/17. 600$ + shipping (just paid near 500$ for the tires alone :()

1-set of Two-tone (black/grady) Neoprene seat covers (new $200+) 50$ + shipping

1- Bumper Protector for rear bumper of hatch 15$+ shipping

1- new OEM springs (make offer)

If i think of anything else I'll update! price is not very negotiable too much, already a steallll!

thanks! :party:
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I'd like to get one of the strut bar if I can come up with some spare cash.
ill buy the rims off ya if you can hold on a lil while.
How long do you have in mind?
how much is shipping to 11717 interested in the ultraracing strutbar
Does anyone have tips on how to calculate/estimate shipping costs? Lol

I can try to let ya know tmrw.
thanks let me know I'm kinda of excitied :banana::banana:
bumper protector please!!!
i'll have the money in 2 weeks

for shipping go to or depending on how you want to send it and you can get an estimate.
type in the zip code
yeah me to for 11717. but im looking for the gt spec one? mammy which one you want? or even this if its cheaper to send both to 11717
I'm interested in the Ultra Racing strut bar , shipping should be cheaper if both are sent to either one of our house.
interested in the AEM CAI. any idea on how much shipping would be?
interested in the AEM CAI. any idea on how much shipping would be?
the car is off the road but still have to take the intake off then ill give ya a quote on that. i'll try to give the rest of yall quotes tomorrow about shipping prices.

works been busy :cussing
maybe a month how light are the wheels?
could never find a straight answer on the weight of the rims, i want to say about 23lbs.
I'm getting the CAI off today and boxed back up, still have the original box.

Tuesday I'll have the ultra racing strut bar off, and then I'll get everyone quotes on Tuesday, forgot about the holiday weekend!
zip 29730 do you have any bigger pics of your wheels
zip 29730 do you have any bigger pics of your wheels

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give me a price of the floor mats and bumper protector if still available, shipped to 90026
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