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FS: Magnaflow Exhaust

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Selling my magnaflow exhaust that was on my versa. sounds great, nothin wrong with it, i just have the DC one now and want to get rid of this since its just chilln in my room. and it has the metal hangers.

im askn $50 plus however much shipping would be.
price negotiable

sound clips

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can you figuer out shipping for 46106
please and thank you
$40 ups ground
sclayton 90 bucks aint bad i would but have one and i cut a hole that i cant just cover back up lmao
lol cool cool
yea that is a really good deal...
im thinking about it!
this fridays pay check will decide lol
all good just let me know wat goes on so im not hangin:thumbsup:
mk youll know in like 48 hours lol
im still thinking man.... its hard to decide!
i have the money thats for sure buttttt theres other things to save up for it...
i dk??

last bump, then probably gonna throw the exhaust in the trash or something. or give it to a shop
i have. i just don't want it in my room anymore
man i love the sound if i didnt cut a hole in my bumper i would so do it lol.......... come one now people some one help him out its not bad at all i think its a good deal all u need to do it put it on your self if u know how to weld but i really love the sound
i may be interested tango hit me up on fb
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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