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FS: OEM Dash with integrated 7" touchscreen, painted mesh grill

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So i'm moving on from the Versa so I have more things to sell. I had a car PC in the Versa, custom dash with 7" touch screen molded in. I am selling the dash with the touchscreen. The screen has VGA input for a computer, as well as composite inputs for a rear view camera. I also molded the cubby hole so that it accepts a single din cd player. If you are looking to add a car pc, this is what you need. All the hard work was already done, all you need to do is plug in a laptop, or build a mini pc and use a 12v power adaptor and you can have a car pc to play all your music and videos.


I am also selling my grill, painted metallic grey.


All items located in Vancouver, BC. E mail me as I do not check her often. [email protected]
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