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ah ok. I was looking at hitches also but with potentially hauling 3 bikes, I was worried about the hitch weight. Can only get a class 1 for the Versa and hitch weights are recommended up to 100 pounds, maybe up to 150 lbs. Most like the Curtis say 100lbs. You can tow up to 2000 pounds, but a typical trailer would not exert over 100lbs of weight pushing down on the hitch ball/receiver opening, like a bike hitch carrier could, especially with 3 bikes on it. Plus in my case, I already have a 3-bike carrier but it is 2-inch. And then using an 1-1/4 to 2-inch adapter to make my carrier fit into a class 1 hitch, would potentially weaken the solution and was not recommended.

I spoke to a few people, even a bike shop close to home in Caledon. They do hitches and have never seen a problem with a hitch setup and no adapters, however with 3 bikes I did not want to chance it.

So that is why I got the trunk mount. I did not want to get a hitch and then also by a new 1-1/4 inch carrier, since I already have a 2-inch carrier. Plus with the trunk mount, I can move it to any vehicle. I love the hitch setup best, but did not want permanent again. We had a mini-van years ago that we towed a 22ft travel trailer and I loved it. But alas both are long gone. Wish you well. Maybe we can organize a versa meet up, ride and bike ride too this summer!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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