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FS: Sony CD/iPod/Bluetooth Stereo Unit

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Greetings, forum! I'm selling my Sony MEX-BT4100P head unit from my 07' Versa.

You can view a similar unit here: Sony MEX-BT4100P CD receiver at

I'm selling it with the Crutchfield (Scosche) installation kit, as well as the Versa wiring harness and antenna wiring harness already connected. So if you're installing into an 07' - 12' Versa, it's totally plug-and-play and all of the hard work (aka: soldering) is done for you. I'll even include the original box and I can email you any necessary information (like installation instructions.)

This unit was installed in my V up until after it was crashed and totaled. State Farm was only going to pay me $25 for it so I removed the unit from the car before they totaled it out. The unit wasn't visibly damaged by the crash so AFAIK, the unit works just fine. However, since I don't have another Versa to plug it into, I can't be exactly sure. So...

I'm selling it as-is with a warranty against DOA (dead-on-arrival.) If it doesn't work when you get it, simply send it back to me and I'll refund the purchase price PLUS shipping and return shipping charges. I'm a good, Christian man BUT if you don't want to take me at my word, let me know and I'll email you a written guarantee. It doesn't get any more foolproof than that, folks.

Crutchfield would charge you $130 for one of these brand new and include the installation gear. This unit is not even a month old so it's practically brand new. Still, I'll sell it for $95 plus $8 shipping. It's a good deal.

PM me if interested.

- Matt

PS: This will also be for sale locally and on eBay.
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