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*I have two stickers left. Take both for $5 or buy each for $3*

I have some printed and vinyl stickers for sale! Slap these on your car, laptop, etc. Prices include PayPal fees, shipping, and postage (anywhere within the US). Willing to ship out of the country (i.e. Canada), just PM me beforehand so we can arrange something. Please understand that some of these will not fit in a standard envelope, and will have to be shipped in a larger envelope. PM me for any questions or payment (include your number if you want me to send pics of specific stickers to your phone). Thanks for looking!

4" Printed / Vinyl Stickers $4
1. 'APEXi' performance logo sold
2. Skeleton Grenade sold
3. No Cops sold
4. Luigi sold
5. 'Haters' arrow sold
6. LEGO head sold
7. 'Ladies is Pimps Too' sold
8. 'Fox Head' racing logo sold
9. 'Burton' snowboarding logo sold
10. 'eS' skateboarding Logo sold

6" Printed / Vinyl Stickers $5
11. Taste the Rainbow sold
12. 'Before I screw you, are you 18 cutie pie'
13. DGAF (Don't Give A F**K)
14. Pedo Bear sold
15. F-Bomb sold

Take them ALL for $30 shipped anywhere within the US!

Pictures were taken by my 8.0mp phone camera. The 6" are actually quite large compared to the 4", though it may not seem like it in the pics

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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