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Hey everyone!

I recently sold my Versa so I no longer need my Takeda intake.

What you get:

-Intake (Polished)
-Housing Box
-Takeda License Plate Frame :p
-Takeda Install Manual + Decals

Have everything except the box so this is a great deal.

Bob sells them for $189 on VersaSpeed so I will take $100 + shipping.

PM me if you are interested.

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I tried to estimate the costs using UPS online and it said it was like $140+ so I doubt you would want to pay that. lol

Need to sell though since I don't have a Versa! Lowered the price to $100!
Shipping to Canada shouldn't be that expensive. I shipped both under braces and rear strut bar to Canada for less than $100 (even UPS quoted me less than that). Best thing is it go in to the store and get a direct quote from them. I ended up shipping through USPS because it was more cost friendly. GLWS :thumb2:
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