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FS: "Tiida" Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector $40

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actual picture in the box

$40 shipped (canada $45) :woot:
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Not a fan of putting more metal/chrome on my car, there's enough already with the grill and the emblems
If I didn't already have the black bumper protector and if this said Versa I would be all over this. I love chrome :)
weight= enemy lol... where did you get that from?
i would if i was doing a tiida but im not lol
I got it from a nissan dealer in CHINA, took no less than 3 weeks to come... and it is NOT HEAVY
I'd be hardpressed to believe it weighs more than your wallet...
I was going to get the rubber part but my car is silver... I paid $60 for it... and they sent me 2
and I will post better pics because it's actually brushed alum look not mirror polish
is it still for sale?
im prettty interested
yes it is...

says you can't receive pm's... you can contact me at [email protected]
alright will do tonight
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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