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FS: ultraracing braces and wheels (feeler on wheels)

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too bad you won't ship to Canada :p
i have a rear under brace and a rear sway bar im selling.

under brace: $75 shipped in US. it is scratched but in 100% usable condition.
sway bar: $ 100 shipped in US. it is in perfect condition (maybe a few paint chips)
both: $150 shipped in US
prices are firm.

im selling because i dont need tham anymore, my car is to low to actually put them to work.
do u hav pics?
I am interested in the rear under brace. Could you post a pic?
they are still on the car now, i will a pic tomorrow on the car. friday i will take them off and get better pics.
too bad you won't ship to Canada :p
+1 luvin those alloys
PM Sent a few days ago. hopefully you get back online soon.. Very interested in both braces.
dtftuck, you have mail
bump, need these braces gone... i will ship anywhere, outside US will cost a little more.
rear brace plus sway sold to me

Thanks Billy!
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buy the front chassis brace! $75 shipped in US
send me a picture and if it is in good condition I will buy it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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