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FS: Versa Hoodies

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Hey, all ...

I've been talking to a friend of mine on the Beetle forums who owns a screen printing business.

He does a lot of t-shirt runs for the NB owners, and is now doing a hoodie run.

I have asked him if he would do a "Versa" hoodie run, but he needs at least 10 people.

Visit the following link for exact details. Forums - View Single Post - Fall Hoodie Shirt Thread

Prices are:
$26.50 for children's sizes up to adult XL
$27.50 for adult 2XL
$28.50 for adult 3XL
$29.50 for adult 4XL & 5XL

You pick whatever colour hoodie you would like and what colour ink as well. You have the option of a pullover hoodie or a zippered one.

Shipping to Canadians is going to run around $13 per hoodie, and American shipping will run $8 Per hoodie.

All prices listed above are in US funds.

The design on the hoodie will be what this individual drew up for us for the tshirts I had made.

Lets see if we can get 10 people interested.

All shirts need to be pre-paid through PayPal to [email protected] (send it as a gift). Include the colour hoodie you want, the colour ink you want, and make sure you say it is with the "Versa" design.
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Final bump ... We only have til Sept 15 to get our money in.

Without 5 orders, it won't be printed :(
Well so far 2 people have sent in their money.... We need to meet the minimum number for these to be printed!

Here's the design ...

Don't forget, you pick your colour hoodie, style, and ink colour.
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Are you still thinking of trying to get a run together?

Are you still thinking of trying to get a run together?

Sorry Mary, the hoodies have already been ordered & they are currently being printed.
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