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FS: vortekz generators

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they need new tape.

you can see them in these

they look dirty but can be clean easily.

thier site...

paid $25 shipped
asking $10 shipped (in the US)
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Have you noticed a change in gas mileage and velocity with them installed? I seriously think they don't make a difference. I see some Evos have them in the back. Are you going body match paint them?
I doubt that its that much of a change for you to notice drastically. I'm planning on ordering these tomorrow from the Vortekz site, would get them from you but idk about the whole re-taping thing. lol

You two should have your V's in a photoshoot! Like homies... :lol:
I would love to meet up with some other Versa owners. Even though we are both in Oregon we are still quite far apart.

I wish more people in my town knew about this forum. I need to print out those cars and take a whole day to pass them out. lol
They're easy to print out....just follow the directions in the Recruiting Members forum.
Im secretly finishing my website right now :hurray:

So I might just have to do that when I get done so I can promote NVF, VersaNation, and VersaSpeed. :D

I would like a VersaSpeed decal. I'm going to order a NVF one soon and I will probably print off some VersaNation ones. :D
yeah, the short way to get to each other is 142 miles and 3.5 hours.
Which really isn't too far, but we wouldn't be able to meet for very long and we would hardly have anything to do lol

If it was a big car meet I wouldn't mind making the drive.
then join that other site i gave you, there is meets quite often, but they are starting to slow for the winter.
Just joined. I plan on taking some pictures of my car today (good quality ones) and than Ill post some up and say Hi to everyone.

Thanks for the link. I totally forgot about it. :D
you should email vortekz and see if you can buy just the rape from them and possibly save some money.
you can feel the difference having the vortex on and im guessing the way you position them... its always fun watching the flying paper gets dragged down from the air to the ground when your V passed under the paper :p but i feel sorry for the car behind me always getting hit by the trash lol...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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