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FSM hosting

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Any chance we can host the FSM's here so I don't have to link people to a different site? I mean this really isn't a competition as there is room on the net for more then one enthusiest site but honestly something just doesn't feel right in the pit of my stomach putting up links to NICO everytime I need to refer someone to the FSM.

People should be coming here for this information as this is what we are trying to do.
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ok so i might be dumb, or just tired but what is FSM's?
Factory service manual. It tells you exactly how to service everything in your car. It's what the nissan technicians use when working on your car. Think Haynes manual to the tenth power :). It has everything from procedures, trouble shooting, torque specs, wiring diagrams etc.
yeah i dont want to open up that can of worms with that here, There can be lots of issues with nissan and that. Although thoose things are great, I loved the ford dvd i had there was about anything you could think of, including part numbers
It shouldn't be that big of an issue. The more, the marrier.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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