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Fsm, owner's manual, warranty manual, and service guide

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Is there any way we can get these hosted here. Basically all the manuals that come with your car and then the Factory Service Manuals. Be nice to have it for each year.

Nico has the FSM's and sure we can just go there to look but would be nice to have it here also. I think the other manuals will be very useful as well. Especially to second hand owners that didn't get them when they bought their used car.

Wasn't sure where to post this question so hopefully the powers that be see it here.
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lets host a dropbox folder where we can put as many manuals as possible...
I think that NICO might have taken down the link. Let me know where I can upload some of the PDF's of the 2011 Versa
Nico FSM's are still there Index of /FSM
hi i have a 2008 sve nissan tiida with 25.000kms on the clock , no owners manual tryin to find one scrap yards ect, good to have a manual in the car to understant warning lights on the move ,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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