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fuel pressure problem

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i have an 07 versa hb and ive had this prob come up a few times but the problem is my fuel pressure % in bank 2 will drop from 99/100 % down to 28% and bank one stays just fine has anyone heard of this problem
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Perhaps the fuel pressure regulator. Just had mine replaced. Symptoms: engine would crank abnormally long to start it [sometimes needing to pump the gas pedal] but would run like a top after starting. Perhaps that explains the different conditions in the two banks.
UTI is that Universal Technical Institute? I think I have seen that on TV.
Welcome aj!
ok ill look in to that but mine starts ok just has a studder from 2k to 3k under moderate to heavy accel and yes it is that school and thanks
I just had a second fuel pressure regulator installed in my Versa too. Have you ever had it replaced before?
no i havent but im not sure bout the lady before me even though she did work for the dealership i got it from
I guess even if it was replaced you could still need it again. Mines an 08, and I have 54,000kms and just had it replaced by the dealer for the second time (under warranty).
ok mine is an 07 with 82500 miles
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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