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Future of Nissan’s styling.

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Is anyone here as excited as me about Nissan’s future styling direction?

Please read this article when you have a chance because it’s very interesting, it’s a interview with Mamoru Aoki the Nissan brand's global design chief,

Some key points,

"The sedans are, imagewise, weak, with not so strong an impact on the market," Aoki said in an interview at Nissan's global design center south of Yokohama. "That's what I want to change."
"It's not a half-step," the design chief says of the impending styling overhaul. "It's one big jump, like what Hyundai and Kia did last time. That kind of jump."
Aoki aims to have Nissan's entire lineup adopt the new look, or elements of it, by 2017.

All the cars share the following design points:

• A wedge-shaped front fascia, which Nissan calls "V Motion."

• What Nissan calls a "floating roof," engendered by blacked-out pillars.

• Wavy side paneling, dubbed Energetic Emotion Flow.

• Distinctive boomerang-shaped headlamps.

• A lower and wider stance.
Nissan is also dumping the so-called "kamishimo" grille that appears on the current Altima, Sentra and Versa. An inverted trapezoid with curved edges, the grille is named after a type of formal samurai kimono with oversized shoulder pads and plunging lapels.
Please take a look at the new Murano which seems to be the direction they want to take styling across the lineup.

Nissan amps up design, elegance in new Murano

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I sure am. They've been needing a new look for the lower end cars for quite some time now! The new Murano looks pretty good. I really hope they mean it about the wider and more stanced part haha.
ok so quit making nissans into smooth girly cookie cutter cars and make them more aggressive without making them hideous like the datsun. And get that old dude with grey hair off the design team wtf really.
I am excited about the new designs. I have accepted the boomerang lights finally and the new V motion grill is better than what the outgoing models had. While it doesn't quite work the best on the new murano the sport sedan concept with it I think it looks great. Their newer offerings are also looking much more upscale and less cheap than the previous models.
Fresh from the Beijing Auto Show, Lannia Concept. Shares many styling cues with the Sports Sedan Concept. Anyone think it can spawn off a new small car?

Nissan Debuts Lannia Concept at Auto China 2014 - Nissan Online Newsroom

Just for kicks, the head of Nissan Design China is named Taiji Toyota.
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