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Hello, I Just Purchased Nissan Versa 1.8 sl hatchback.

Gas Gauge Doesn't Seem To Be Working. Anyone Else With That Issue? Is This A Common Problem With 2009 Nissan Versa 1.8 sl hatchbacks? Is This An Electrical Problem, In Which Forum Should I Post This Question?

Also, In Other Cars When You Unscrew The Gas Cap, There Is Usually A Metal Piece In The Tube Going Into The Gas Tank. Usually It Is Visible Where You Insert The Gas Pump Nozzle. Is There Supposed To Be a Metal Piece In The Nissan Versa Gas Fillup Area?

I Hear A High Pitch Sound That Could Be a Belt Going Bad. Someone Told Me The Versa Has A Timing Chain, Not A Belt, So What Might Cause A Screechy High Pitch Sound Like A Belt Going Bad? It Happens Occassionally When I Drive, Not Very Often, But Noticeable.

The Manual Indicates There Are Master Keys. Since We Are Buying This Car Third Hand, We Were Handed Two Fobs Which Have Mechanical Keys In The Fobs. Is It Worthwhile To Obtain Master Keys FromThe Dealership? Has AnyonE On This Forum Done That? I Was GoingTo Ask The Seller If They Might Have The Master Keys.

How Is Your Mileage Over All?

Do You Notice The Engine Seems Happiest At 50 Mph or lower? The Car Can Go At Higher Speeds, Just Seems Happier At 50 Or Lower.

What Type Of Coolant Do You Use?

Thank You For YouR Help.

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• Self-diagnosis can check for continuity between meter control circuit and each meter (speedometer, tachometer
and fuel gauge).
• Self-diagnosis can check for odo/trip meter and A/T indicator (with A/T) or CVT indicator (with CVT) segment,
low-fuel level warning lamp, low water temperature indicator lamp, and high water temperature warning
1. Turn the ignition switch ON, and switch the odo/trip meter to “trip A” or “trip B”.
If the diagnosis function is activated with “trip A” displayed, the mileage on “trip A” will indicate “0000.0”,
but the actual trip mileage will be retained. (The same applies for “trip B”.)
2. Turn ignition switch OFF.
3. While pushing the odo/trip meter switch (1), turn the ignition
switch ON.
4. Confirm that the trip meter displays “0000.0”.
5. Push the odo/trip meter switch at least 3 times. (Within 7 seconds
after the ignition switch is turned ON.)
6. All the segments on the odo/trip meter, and simultaneously the low-fuel warning lamp indicator illuminates.
At this time, the unified meter control unit is turned to self-diagnosis mode.
• M/T MODELS (1)
• Check combination meter power supply and ground circuit when self-diagnosis mode of combination
meter does not start. Replace combination meter if normal. Refer to IP-12, "Removal and Installation" .
• If any of the segments is not displayed, replace combination meter. Refer to IP-12, "Removal and Installation"
7. Each meter activates while pressing odo/trip meter switch. (At this time, the low-fuel warning lamp turns
off, low water temperature indicator lamp and high water temperature warning lamp turn on.)
Use that to test your cluster.
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