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If you have a hatch your tank is 13.2 gallons I'm pretty sure. Actually all versa's have the 13.2 gallon tank except the 2012 sedans. Those I believe are smaller.

I usually pump in 11 gallons into my car. I have pumped 12 before but I went like 100 miles after the gas light came on :D. Not recommended.
I believe the Versa and sentra have the same gas tank. Mine holds 13.2 or 13.5, I cant remember exactly. But when the MPG starts to blink ---- then I know its bout empty, and it cant calculate whats left, so I fill it. The last two times ive put in 13 gals. It clicks at like 11.5 gal, but then will go again to about 12.50, and from there its a clicking battle to 13, lol. But it hasnt over flowed yet. And for once the MPG says I have 410 miles till fill up. I havent seen that since I bought it new. Now I know the dealers secret! lol
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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