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This is my 1st post on this board. We have a 2009 Versa S hatchback with the stock 4 speakers setup. I was able last monday to get at a local yard a 6 CD changer 28185-EM33B coming from a 2009 Versa SL which I've installed and is working great, got it mainly for the front aux. input . Still have the stock speakers for now. I wanted to stay with a Versa radio and decided not to go for an aftermarket because this is my wife's car and we're afraid of robbers.

I'm checking the possibilities to add either a GROM USB or a PXAMG unit because I want to be able to control my Ipod, and for the possibility to add another aux. input for my Sirius radio (an Xact Visor I'm carrying around), maybe add the bluetooth option we'll see. Are there any owners of either of these units ? Do these work well ?

Also as I said, I want to stay "stock" for the radio part. I've noticed that the sound coming from the 6 CD changer is much better in my opinion than on the base S radio. I guess to get even better sound, I should change all of the speakers, If I decide to go with speakers with separate tweeters for the front ones, I think these are connected in parallel with the ones in the door, which sould decrease their total impedance to 2 ohms (the aftermarket ones I saw were 4 ohms, which would go down to 2 ohms total in parallel). Does the 28185-EM33B support 2 ohms speakers ? If not, what would you suggest ? We're not some heavy loud music listeners, I'd only like for the sound to be precise and clear.

Thanks in advance
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