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Get Extended warranty on Nissan Versa 2008

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HI I am new to forums but thought i would join as i just bought out my lease for my 2008 SL Versa. It is a great car and I have really enjoyed driving it. It is great on gas and has not given me any trouble. It has low Km also.... I have upgraded package to blue tooth, volume controls etc. on steering wheel. I am the first owner of the car and at the time I bought extended warranty to take me to the end of the 4 year lease. Now, the dealership is asking if i want to extend the warranty again for another 3 years... I am leaning in the direction of NO.... just curious if anyone has any thoughts.. or had trouble costing $$$.. thanks in advance
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How many miles do you have? Under normal warranty power train should be covered for 60,000 miles and CVT (if you have one) is 125,000.
I usually don't do the warranty thing. What's the worse that can happen? Engine blows up? If that happens I'm betting you can get an upgraded engine (MR20DE) installed for less then you paid for that warranty.
welcome kaiboy from Ontario! ^What rob said x2
Hey another Canadian! Welcome!

I will third that!

Where in Ontario are you located?
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