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GI: Versa Chassis Brace Sets!

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Hey Everyone,

I've been doing a lot of research in Taiwan and seeing what aftermarket parts are available. We've been working with a quality company called KMR that offers a wide selection of suspension parts for many vehicles, including the Nissan Versa! We are introducing KMR chassis braces to the US market for the Versa at very competitive pricing!

We've already introduced KMR parts to Mazdas and Hondas. We are authorized vendors on and are currently expanding into other markets. This is purely a GAUGING INTEREST thread.

If there is enough interest, we will order a test set and test fit these on local Versas to confirm proper fitment on US spec Versas. Once fitment is confirmed, we will apply to become authorized vendors and begin offering parts to members!

Here are the parts available:

- Front Strut Bar (1)
- Front 4 Point Ladder Brace (2)
- Mid-Chassis Tie Bars (3 & 4)
- Rear Lower Tie Bar (5)

If this is something you are interested in or if you have any questions, please post! Initially, if enough interest, we can offer a GB at introductory prices and discounts!

Thank you!

[email protected]
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Hey Tony,

We've talked from another forum before. What kind of prices are we talking about for the trial set or the GB?
^^^what he said pricing also would like to know if any fabirication would be needed or is it direct bolt on?
Whats the word on this? Any idea if it made it to US markets?
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