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GM plant visit

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So last Thursday I got to go to the GM plant here in Shreveport. Here's some pictures, the rest are at the link on my facebook.

The GM plant has made:
Sonoma Syclone
Blazer (82-93)
Hummer H3
Hummer H3T

They all can be found here: Facebook <- you might have to add me as a friend if you aren't already one.

The two trucks on the left are in current production here, the other one is the GMC Sonoma Syclone.

A truck on the line, it had just dropped from the above floor.

Where the trucks get the glass, its all robotic for the glass.

Another truck getting parts

Chassis before the flip. Its upside down to install everything to the suspension

The flip =] Its robotic too, its neat to watch

And then it meets the truck

Where the paint is inspected for flaws. This specific truck didn't get a window sticker, just an Export sticker. It will get its right sticker when it arrives in its country

Completed truck ready for the Dynamic Vehicle testing.

Ready for its last inspections

Ready to drive off the line for testing and alignment

Completed trucks!
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That's so cool I would love to see all that in action
That's so cool I would love to see all that in action
It was really awesome to walk through it while they were building them!

I'm sad to see it close this time next year =[

Our '94 Sonoma was built here
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