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going opposite direction

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How come every time I look for a Versa to plant a brochure, I can never find one at a parking lot or near me when I drive. What really frusterates me is when I'm either driving my own car, I see a V going the opposite direction from me or when I drive a different vehicle, its on the same street as me? Also, when they're ahead of me driving, I'm at a stop light. I wish it was easier to spot one and plant the brochures on the windshield. LOL

Has anyone had that same situation?
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I am seeing more vs pop up in our area. Most of the vs here look stock and so do all the other nissans. Not much modding period for any car. I live in truck country like yourself. Trucks are modded here to the uniqueness of the individual. Like i said before, when i can afford a klunker winter car, i will mod the v. I would post cars here but not there yet.
I generally do not see many V's around here either. And when I do see them they are generally going the other way. Weird :S
I just went out to grab a coffee after just reading this post. And my dad said just to take the van since it was outside on the street. As I'm coming home I drive by a silver Versa. It's weird how when I'm not driving my V I see another one ... haha ;)
See what I'm talking about? I need to carry the brochures with me in a folder or something. I'll think of something creative.
just go to a super store and put on their bulletin board for ads :p
Don't worry I'm coming up with a Versa brochure shooter. That way went they are going in the opposite direction you just shoot the brochure right at their car :). JK!

I have seen several Modded V's in my state. Never had a chance to talk or give a flyer. I did pick up some OEM mats from a guy a few weeks ago. I talked to him and told him about the forum but don't think he was that interested. BTW got brand new mats for $20.
New mats for $20. That is a good deal.
I want the Versa trunk mat ... didn't come with my set :(
I want the sedan trunk liner. That didn't even come in this continent!
i like your idea rob about the brochure shooter hehehe but theres a cheaper way :p print out the brochure then for it lengthwise about 1 in width so thats about 5 folds then get a piece of rock the size of your fist then wrap the paper around the plastic then seal it with a piece of tape then every versa that you see just throw the rock at their window :p hehehehe just kidding :p i need a bigger decal so people can see it while driving :p
I saw 3 Versa's today driving next to me when I was driving my dad's Sentra. Jinxed myself again!
New mats for $20. That is a good deal.
I want the Versa trunk mat ... didn't come with my set :(
Is the trunk mat you are talking about the one that says versa on it? Just wondering. I have a trunk mat that says versa on it. Ciao.
YA I want the one that says Versa ... Not really a necessity ... i'll ask for it for christmas! haha!
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