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Some decals I ordered just to put on my car so I can get some more traffic for the site.

I plan on making different ones that aren't so boring later on, just thought I would slab this on my car for a while. Hopefully some people will actually visit the site.

Looks good :thumb2:

I might have to make some custom NVF decals since the last batch I had was defective.

Those look good dude.
You didn't tell me the decals were defective? Were they the ones I sent you?

I like your idea, that might give me some work to do! hahaha

When I get enough brochures & business cards worked on, I can drop a bunch off at the Nissan dealers around Denver. I already dropped a bunch of NVF cards.

The decals wouldnt stick to my windows, I cleaned them off and applied alcohol and set dry. I'll put some new NVF decals and the CONOC decal waiting to be applied since last year of ownage, LOL.
Have no idea why they wouldn't stick if mine. It's the same exact roll of sign vinyl I used for every other decal.

It does give you something to do! lol

Dude, I am dying here. I have messaged a bunch of people (with permission from Dave) to see if they would post their tutorials on the site and only Rob has.. lol

There are a lot of them out there that I have seen but I don't want to steal content from the sites (including the other forum..) Its what I need to get the site going but I won't need to install springs again so I can't make that DIY...

I plan on doing some this weekend for:
-Installing VersaSpeed grill (thats right, finally bought one!)
-Installing interior accent lights (orange)
-Installing wheel well lights (orange)
-Maybe painting interior pieces.
I'm here to help! I didn't mind posting it up there.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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