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gps and auxiliary guages

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i got a gps a while back and don't like the way it mounts with the sucktion cups and brackets and portable wiring, so i'm making a piece that goes onto the center dash panel. it's going to have my gps mount, where it can be hard wired in, and 3 guages. the first one is going to be fiberglass, i can change it later, this is where i'm at so far

i love tooling foam and fiberglass


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looks pretty good. Have you figured out how to finish it to duplicate the plastic interior panels?
don't know how i'm going to finish it, probably just going to paint it
thanks for the link, i've done that before on a past project, kinda forgot about that really.
What I did was stuck velcro under the glass mount, velcored it on the dash. Works like a charm.
the stock gps mounts great, but its ugly and i don't like the wires to the 12v outlet on console, i'm ocd neat freak in regards to my car
i had mine there too, but i don't like looking down while driving, and ABSOLUTELY hate wires strewn across the console of the car. i'll post finished pics when the dash is finished.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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