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Great start to my morning.....

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happened at 4am just cross the kansas colorado stateline...stupid deer....not pleased...but a reason to get new lights, HIDs and a CF Hood
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whew, glad you're ok! i assume airbags intact?
going with fogs too?:D
airbags are GTG!.....didnt think about fogs....quick! get the plastic! hahaha
if your front bumper is messed up you should get an oem sport bumper! they are the same price as the oem regular bumper ha
ouch >.o
good thing your ok, too bad for your v, but as you said it gives you an opportunity to get some new stuff ;)
oh yeah! haha, whats the sport bumper?
that shit happen to me to
Man that sucks at least its not to bad the sport bumper looks a bit different has a more of a lip on the bottom and doesn't have the lines on the side of it. Its smoothed out I'm sure someone has a pic of one
sweet, ill have to look for it
Sorry about the wreck man, hope you're ok. And yeah, sports bumper is a good idea, I'd get the back bumper to match.
Here's the bumper comparison...

Sports bumper in front, regular bumper in back, as you can see the bottom of the sports bumper doesnt have the black valance so it looks cleaner IMO. :thumb2:
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^^^^^^ sport bumper is way better. and costs the same
Yes to sport bumpers too. Especially if it's the same price! :)

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looks great, definately gonna do that if there is no price difference
man...that sucks!!

Glad you're okay.

off subject,
Did the deer walk way fine or was it hurt pretty bad?
ass end was high in the air so im gonna go with no

hope you get her fixed back to the way she was, and if you can upgrade the bumper even better!! :thumb2:
oh yeah! my first new deer ever dared to jump infront of my danger ranger but i get a brand new car and yeah...
oh yeah! my first new deer ever dared to jump infront of my danger ranger but i get a brand new car and yeah...
I hear you man, my V is my 3rd car but 1st new car and I never crashed the other 2 but yet, not even a year after owning the V I crash it. :(
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