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Great start to my morning.....

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happened at 4am just cross the kansas colorado stateline...stupid deer....not pleased...but a reason to get new lights, HIDs and a CF Hood
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Sorry about the wreck man, hope you're ok. And yeah, sports bumper is a good idea, I'd get the back bumper to match.
Here's the bumper comparison...

Sports bumper in front, regular bumper in back, as you can see the bottom of the sports bumper doesnt have the black valance so it looks cleaner IMO. :thumb2:
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oh yeah! my first new deer ever dared to jump infront of my danger ranger but i get a brand new car and yeah...
I hear you man, my V is my 3rd car but 1st new car and I never crashed the other 2 but yet, not even a year after owning the V I crash it. :(
Yeah, most of us have the stock bumpers so its all good.

yeah i bought it back at the end of January so roughly 4 months....
That was fast, yours looks a lot better than mine though. Lol
Any updates on getting parts? Or fixing the V?
Not bad, that's around the corner. Is that when she's going in the shop? Or getting new parts?
Yeah, I'd get a regular bumper, unless you plan on getting both sports bumpers, I don't like unmatched parts, just my opinion.
Thats cool man, are you getting OEM headlights? And still plan on getting the fogs?
no fogs, i might get a set of the walmart fogs...cheaper and i know how to wire those and the body shop is only replacing the broken one
Wal-Mart fogs are good too man, I've had mine for a couple of months and they're good. Just get ahold of a dremel or get pre-cut fog covers from ebay and you'll be good. And that's a good idea, I love OEM headlights, specially with clear light bulbs.
Looks good. Was your old grille damaged in the accident? I miss the blacked out look. :(
Do work son. :D
Go ahead and ship it when you're done. :thumb2: :D
Any pics of the grille on the car after getting Plasti-Dipped? I wanna see how it looks with the new hood. :D
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