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Great start to my morning.....

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happened at 4am just cross the kansas colorado stateline...stupid deer....not pleased...but a reason to get new lights, HIDs and a CF Hood
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airbags are GTG!.....didnt think about fogs....quick! get the plastic! hahaha
oh yeah! haha, whats the sport bumper?
sweet, ill have to look for it
looks great, definately gonna do that if there is no price difference
ass end was high in the air so im gonna go with no
oh yeah! my first new deer ever dared to jump infront of my danger ranger but i get a brand new car and yeah...
i still currently have one, that count?? haha
I hear you man, my V is my 3rd car but 1st new car and I never crashed the other 2 but yet, not even a year after owning the V I crash it. :(
yeah i bought it back at the end of January so roughly 4 months....
hahah thanks,yeah i thought it was a lil too soon haha
nothin till june 3rd
thats when it goes to the shop for my estimate
haha, not the wayi planned on gettin new parts but its one way haha. dont worry pics will be posted asap
quick question on the sport bumper....will it bolt right in place of the other one?
hmm, i think i might just stick with the same bumper it came with, just easier that way
haha ok now just need to find the part number and place to order it from for the body shop
hahah, im gonna get it just have to get numbers for it
ok called nissan got the part number confirmed costs and got the email out to the body shop. also for anyone lookin for the OEM CF hood for a really good price

AutoBarber Inc - 2007-2008 Nissan Versa OEM Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
already got the numbers and prices to the dealership and great news to hear. the cost of what it would take to prep and paint the steel hood covers the cost of my CF hood :biggrin5: along with the sport bumper too......this is better than i thought
nope just leavng it the regular CF
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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