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Great start to my morning.....

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happened at 4am just cross the kansas colorado stateline...stupid deer....not pleased...but a reason to get new lights, HIDs and a CF Hood
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Let me go ahead and hit a deer so I can get new parts too lol. That CF hood is gonna look so freaking sweet on your ride bro. Don't forget to post pics once everything is said and done.
Any way is the way I always say lol.
Don't take my word for it but i would assume it does since is the same car, just diffrent bumper design.
Hey quick question Major, did you have any trouble with te insurance adjuster? I mean how were you able to order all the aftermarket parts without raising a red flag. They ususally just replace with OEM parts no?
Cool, I guess I know what to do now lol. Do update with pics when everything is said and done.
1 - 5 of 90 Posts
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