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I picked the 1.6 for mpg. I literally want this car to save me a ton on gas money for the next few years. I have had fun driving motorcycles, nice luxury cars and wasting money. Now it's time to enjoy spending 35 bucks to fill my tank and running for a week or 2 without needing to refill.

That way, I can take that money and invest it, or spend it on my 3 kids. I bought the car today and will post pics. It's pretty base, but it allows me to add all the mods with a simple canvas. I walked out with nearly 2k by trading in a 60k mileage 07 Lincoln mkx and picking up a 2011 1.6L 5 speed manual with 20k in mileage. A fun little car with simple commuting in mind.

Since I don't care about finding my identity in my car, it's not a big deal to drive a basic 1.6 and enjoy the paid off car with no worries for another 10 years(probably won't last that long with this car.. haha) I'll get antsy.

So far, I enjoyed the drive home and stick shifting for the first time since I was 21 in the Marines.
Sounds good. I bought mine for MPGs as well. I work and go to school so I needed something to get me around without killing my wallet at the gas station. What color is yours?
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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