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Hi y'all!

Nice to find this group. A bit about me.. Work as a theatrical stagehand in Toronto, and live in Oshawa
My wife and I bought our Versa about a month ago, replacing a 13 year old Saturn sedan. It's a 2012 hatchback in grey, and was bought used with about 70,000km on the clock

I'm impressed with the car so far...roomy and reasonably quiet inside, and decent gas mileage. In fact the only complaint I have is that the heater doesn't seem to blow much air out of the leg level vents compared to the upper ones (wife doesn't have the best circulation) even when the upper ones are set to the off position. I'm beginning to think that ther might be a damper stuck in the closed position.

I look forward to participating in the forums!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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