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Hello, forum members!

My name is Matt and I hail from Daytona Beach, Florida. I'm a new Versa owner as of two months ago. "The CARDIS," as I have named her (because she's blue and the V definitely feels bigger on the inside) is six years old and has just over 67,000mi on the clock. She's an S trim level with 6 speed manual tranny, plus power accessories, soft-touch materials and an aftermarket cruise control (very necessary when driving more than 500mi/wk.)

I've been doing some lurking as I learn more about my new car. I decided that it was time to register and make an introduction! I'm intending this to be a short post so I won't say much more. Happy to answer questions if asked! Attached is a pic of the V on the ramps this morning for her first oil change (whilst in my posession, anyway.)



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Welcome bro, I have always called mine the "Tardis" of Dr.Who fame because of what I can fit in it. I have a photo somewhere of me PLUS two mates PLUS all our computers and LAN gear when we arrived at a game weekend, and there is no way you'd think we safely fit it all in! lol

They are great cars with great potential :)
Welcome to the forums. Glad to see more Florida members. Good color choice, and manual. Any plans for it?
Welcome to the forums.

Any questions just ask ... Some of us have been around for a long time. :driving:
No real BIG plans, really...

Welcome to the forums. Glad to see more Florida members. Good color choice, and manual. Any plans for it?

I have limited plans for it. The stock stereo has no aux jack or other connection for my iPhone. So the stereo is going to be replaced with a Bluetooth and iPhone capable, single-DIN unit.

The placement of the stock accessory outlet is pretty lousy as well, so I'm planning to install some additional in-cabin power. I'm looking into the possibility of installing some 5V USB charging ports directly into the lower instrument finisher (right below the HVAC controls) as well as a single 12V acc power socket in the rear of the passenger compartment and possibly one in the hatchback area. (Then I could install a power inverter and be able to charge customers' laptop computers from inside the car.)

One more functional plan; the interior lighting is... lacking. My V did not come with the map light unit. I'm wondering if I can purchase the factory map light assembly and install into my V (if anyone knows if that can be done.) I assume that the connector is installed and is just hanging out above the headliner but I haven't looked. Additionally, I'd like to install a couple of low-intensity orange LEDs into the lower instrument finisher to provide light in the cupholder area at night, without interfering with my ability to see.

- If I actually DO any of these things, I'll be sure to document them! -

Last planned update: find and install a set of factory alloy wheels. I don't appreciate the aesthetics of the stock hubcaps but I'm not into aftermarket wheel designs either.

As far as power and performance, I wouldn't do anything to the car to lower the fuel economy or increase the noise. The stock 122hp is more than plentiful for driving to and from customer's locations here in flat-and-straight Florida. Maybe if someone made a final drive kit, then I would consider installing that. The stock gearing seems a little short for economical driving on flatland highways.
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Sounds good. I have similar plans. The 16in. SL alloys would be nice if you could find those.
They make 'em in 16 inch? :eek:

15in. SLs...

16in. SLs...

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Oh my... that blue hatchback is a beauty.
I agree. It's lowered and has different wheels now, just wanted to show you the 16s. :thumbsup:
I like the ride height as pictured. Is that one of yours? Also, did Nissan use those same wheels on anything other than the Versa SL? (Sentra? Altima?)
The silver sedan is mine. It's also lowered. And no, the 04-06 Sentra SE-R(non-spec V) has similar wheels though. You might be thinking of those.
Actually I believe the 04-06 SE-R and Spec-V use the same exact wheels, only difference between the two is the badge and 15-20 extra hp on the Spec-V. So they not really similar to those of the versa's SLs.
Welcome to the forums. When I first got on the site there were only a few Florida members, now there's a good handful of ppl.
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