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GTA: Anyone interested in a meet?

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Wed June 20
BMO Field parking lot
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I'm good with Saturday evenings or Sunday evenings.
If it's another day, I'll try and make it (depends on work). I'm good with whatever location.
weekends are a pain most times. But throw something up and we will see
I'm usually up for anything, like jbeau said toss up a date and we'll see who's available.

Can't wait to see more pics of our v's and hopefully we can get more members to come out as well.
Weekends can be tough for me too. But then again, so can any other night lol. Pick a date and let me know! Weekends would probably be the best bet, but I will be away the weekend after the long weekend.
Yeah I'm in Arizona soon for a week. So if you plan it in May I probably can't make it.
You can just show up... but it might be a bit of a drive considering your in Rhode Island...
Wed June 20, first day of summer, polson pier, be there
I can't do wednesdays
It's a month away, lots of time to book it off.
That might work for me. Where is poison pier? And what time were you thinking?
Polson Pier, the same spot we shot pics off the water, as of the pic 2yrs ago lol

As for time im thinking around noon, hopefully itll be hot, then maybe grab a bite together afterwards
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Im out. I have this nagging job to go at noon
I think evening is probably gonna be better for everyone (especially if people work during the day).
yah evenings will probably work better. its funny how just two years ago some of our cars looked one way, and now they look much different :p
Is everyone here from Canada?
Not everyone on the forums, but the GTA stands for (Greater Toronto Area) so most responding to this thread are from Ontario.

You are more than welcome to join if you plan on taking a trip :)
It's a month away, lots of time to book it off.
Still can't lol. Sorry.
Sorry can't. I don't mind a noon meet, but I'm on days and my vacation days too few and far between. A mini meet in Burlington/Hamilton/Niagara might be work in the interim.:spiral:
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