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GTA Versa Meet for December

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How about Wed December 7? Is this day okay for most?

Want to do the same location? TJ's in Mississauga? Burger & Beer :D :woot:
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im gonna have to wait till at least around Dec 2nd to give you an answer, cause right now cause of work i get my schedules weekly and since its December and I work in retail, lol.. its madness cause of the holidays :p
Okay just let me know !

I have my work schedule until the end of December ... ;)
Obviously I'm a no.
ill have too see. Busy time of year
we are busy busy busy:(but better busy than bored:)
i work till 9pm that night so i dont think i can make it either
Looks like it will be cancelled.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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