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Hajimemashite! :) It's a pleasure to meet you all! :P

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hello! :D

my name's vijay and I own a 2007 White Nissan Versa 1.8 SL Hatch... I've been working on my car since I got it, but I really started to tune/mod in 09... I usually get all my parts from bob over at versapeed...

i really loved the garage function on nvf so i put all my vehicle specs on there... here's the link.. vijay_suzuki's Garage :: I still haven't thought of one yet :(

and im sorry, but they're no pix's yet.. i dont own a camera so I cant really take any... but overall you can imagine what the car looks like because my mods/tunes are similar to the ones people have done on this site. :]

which is where i always have gone for the last two years to get all my diy and tips... so thank you all of you for everything and it's a pleasure to make all your acquaintances.. :)

have a great day! :p

special shout out and thanks to these members because I've always found there posts helpful and informative... but if i forget someone, I'm sorry!!, promiseland, codered, atx_versa, #1tango, iluvmyVersa08, austiida, superskunk, missnic, nodes, blindsnyper, and probably more i just forgot their usernames.. :p
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Welcome to the forum
Woot! another Torrance member! Welcome to NVF!
Woot! another Torrance member! Welcome to NVF!
yaya!!! torrance pride.. lol.. :D
don't forget the go-fast blacked-out grille and badge:DWelcome Vijay!
hello vijay and welcome to the forum!
i wish you had a camera, with all of the list of stuff you have im itching to see what it actually looks like :p
oh and welcome to the forums :D
Welcome :D maybe you can join us on our next Meet
Welcome :D maybe you can join us on our next Meet
thank you!! i will definitely try!! :)

i actually saw bob a week before the last one @k1 and he told me to go, but it conflicted with work.. :( it was so close to home tooooo!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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