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I too just switched over from NICO...other than that, I love my electric blue SL versa!
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i thought you were from portland
I am from Portland, but just moved down to Los Angeles for the time being. Needed a change of scenery and I wanted to work down here. I just recently packed my car and drove down I5. It was a good road trip for my Versa, but some good miles on it! How is good ol' Portland, I do sorta miss it already.
did i see your car at the red lion tavern?
Haha, no, wasn't me, don't even know where that tavern is. I've already seen a bunch of blue versas...there are a lot of versa owners down here.
welcome :)
Glad you came over.
where in LA are you staying? i stay rite here in echo park...
I'm in Woodland Hills. I'm still getting my bearings around the city :)
Welcome pindrop! How you liking these forums so far? What about your mods?
Welcome pindrop! How you liking these forums so far? What about your mods?
The forums are good, a bit easier to navigate than NICO, and plus it's all about the VERSA!!! Hmm..Mods, nothing new yet, still got those annoying car payments to get through first, HA.
Friday, May 15, 2009 @7:00p.m. at Deja Vu, North Hollywood
Meet and Greet!
Deja Vu (Eye Candy)
7350 Coldwater Canyon
North Hollywood, CA
North of Sherman Way at Raymer
(818) 982-1199
thats where we are meeting up this friday if youre interested, or just pm your number and ill call you up
I'd go to that but that's about 1036 miles or 15 hours 7 minute away. If I ever get a job down in Irvine, I could make it to that. They have a lot of game companies down there.

Still iffy about moving down to Cali...
just so there arent any surprises, this meet is at a strip club...
I've been to the Deja Vu in San Diego off Midway Drive, pretty nice...
the only sorry thing about it is that they dont sell alcohol... boo!
I guess I'll have to catch the next one, seeing as I apparently don't check this often enough yet. I can't say that strip clubs are my thing, but maybe the next one might fit my style..haha.
Welcome :) maybe we can all hang out and do a cruise the Los Angeles City with acouple of other V's, What do you say theo?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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