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Halo lights! someone help me!

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i installed the first halo light. The rings and the 3 LEDs at the top do not turn on. the turn signals high beams and low beams all work.
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So the halo replaces the parking light right?Check the fuse, make sure the connection is good. I don't have a pair myself, but maybe these could be some starting points.
it replaces the entire light.
i bought this

the exact light lighting up in the pics are the exact parts that wont light up for me
I know they even look sick when they aren't functioning properly!
if they still dont work, then i would email the seller and tell them to replace the set with no charge to you....
i would have to pay the shipping which costed me about $60 to get them. so i want to try and avoid sending them back at all costs.
Hello, Versa09.
Did you get those lights working?
We got the same set ( We haven't installed/tested them yet because the car is in the shop.
The problem we are having is that we ordered a set of HID's ( for these lights.
We ordered bulb no. 9003, but they don't fit on these projector lights. We can't test them on the original headlights because the car didn't have any ( we bought it w/ a damaged front end).
The bulbs have a tag that says H4, I contacted the seller (different from the projectors), he says that 9003 and H4 are the same bulb.
Anyone know if that's correct? or if it's a different bulb for the projectors? I wouldn't think so, since you should be able to use the stock lights, correct?

Thx for any help.
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no they still aren't going Im going to bring them to my local auto electric and see what they can do. I haven't been able to do that yet. As for your HIDs mom I have heard you cannot buy ones that work with the projectors
I have no idea. I've never seen those ones before???

Well, I contacted the Projectors seller, he says I need an H3 bulb, stock ones use H4.
In order to have HIDs though, we'll need to modify the projectors. I'm trying to figure out what kind of modification, to decide if we'll use the HID's or not.
If anyone has done this, let me know.

I'll let you know if our halos work once we install. Let us know if you find out anything else on them.
As for your HIDs mom I have heard you cannot buy ones that work with the projectors
sounds like you're talking to your mother! Rolling on the Floor
thank you. will do. =)
I know you can get HID ******foglights******
I want projectors so bad! They look so sick!
With my black Sedan they would probably be the sexiest thing in the world.
Yeah they will. They look so good I don't even care that much that they don't work. Because they look killer.
were there no instructions of how to wire these lights up to a factory harness? Does it take a relay to make them work correctly?
9003 and H4 are in fact the same bulb. As for your headlights Versa_Mom, I would say the pair you bought doesn't support the HID setup. It's not mentioned anywhere on their page. The second link though definitely says they will fit. If you really want the HID look, maybe try to re-sell those on the website and getting the 2nd set. Good luck!
Those HID looks cool, but I'm not going to get them. I'll wait and see how they perform on more members rides before I jump the gun.
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