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Hardware for control arm/ball joint and upper link replacment?

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Hi all, I find myself about to change out the control arm and the vertical assist link that goes somewhat with it on a 2009 Versa 1.8L 6 speed manual.

I managed to source parts from rock auto, but they won't arrive for several days, and they don't seem to come with new bolts. I would like to replace those bolts while I'm at it; can anyone tell me what size/length/strength I require for these?

And related the Haynes manual casually says "to get the pivot bolt out you might have to lower the suspension cross member." Anyone have experience with this want to tell me if I will, or merely "might"?
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Use your eyes, if the bolt head is on the top and the suspension plate traps it you are likely there. Maybe not on these, the '11 model shows the bolt head on bottom. Same chassis I'm thinking.

The strength, or property class should be on the bolt head. Not necessary to change them even by Nissan as they are not TTY bolts and can be retorqued more than once, your issue would be if the bolt does not seem to pull up tight then it would need replacing or say corrosion damage.
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Remove the engine mount, that does not force a wheel alignment when done. Lowering the subframe does.

Unless you are in the rusty belt a simple screwdriver stuck up in the slot for the ball joint stud in the knuckle to open the slot a little bit lets the stud fall right out, going back in is where most have trouble, the stud keeps tipping out of plane with the hole, it must be dead on plane to plane to go in instantly. So many have lost patience by then to thoroughly lose their butts on that simple task.
You got it right on the numbers being the various ways to express torque.
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