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I put a down payment on a 2023 Versa back on August. I ordered a white S with manual transmission..don't want a CVT. No updates since August!
I was looking for your threads when I saw this post as I was curious if you ever got yours or not.

That's unbelievable that ~4months down the road and you haven't heard a thing?? You must really want this particular Versa. I would have lost interest and/or moved on by now.

As we may have discussed months ago, I know my Nissan dealers (Buffalo NY area) claim they can't order you a Nissan. They receive what they receive and that's it. They are a huge dealer chain, so they get a lot. They will however do a dealer locate, even out of state and do a dealer to dealer trade if they can find what you want. It will have some miles on it when you get it as they are typically driven the whole way.
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