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has anyone seen these??

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hey all im new..i just got my versa hatchback two weeks ago and am ready to do some looking at projector head lights and HID's...but i was wondering if anyone has seen these..

they seem sweet but i have not seen them installed and lite up on a google images..thoughts????

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Not seen them on a Versa/Tiida but I have seen them on other vehicles.

If you like all that wanky stuff then they are really cool! If you're not into it, then you can join my hardcore gang of "anti-BS-blingers"


I didn't know they made them for the Versa, we should start a topic of mods and links to cool/bling mods.....
lol..i agree it would be fun to see the gauty crap thats out there..i'm not so much into the just looking for some additional floor lighting without haveing the whole inside of my car lite like a xmas tree!!!...but some lighting would be nice getting out the car in the dark??maybe

thats why i was wondering if anyone has seen them cause if their too much i was gonna pass..

thanks for replying
tis okay, not bagging you mate ;)

Yeah they do provide a fair bit of light, but not over the top (if they are the same as the rest of them on the market) but enough to make it clear where the door sills are. the way, welcome to the forums mate :)
thanks..i think after a few other upgrades that are higher on the list i'll check them out..thanks for the welcome!! the Aussie's mate!!
those are better than the ones on ebay... they are so much easier to hook up...
here is a pic i came across it's a 300zx but the idea is there..their so-so


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If your looking for more floor light, why not go for the OEM lights that go in the footwells?
I have the OEM lights in my footwells, they are awesome. Definitely get those and play electronica at night and you're ready to go.

I wish the illuminated kick plates said Versa instead.
I wish the illuminated kick plates said Versa instead.
they had some on ebay, i got them and they were very cheaply made and scratched way too easily. i never put them on, it was bad haha
i like that so at night when you open your door you wouldnt miss your step hehehhe...
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