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Hatch Internal Plastic Removal Question

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I've been looking through the "how to" threads and I don't see what I'm looking for. As I don't have a "how to" I didn't want to post this question there.

How can I remove the plastic cover inside my rear hatch. The plastic sits below the rear window and would coverup the rear hatch lock and locking mechanism.

I took the car to a body shop to have a leak in the rear window fixed. When I got it back I noticed a lot of banging from the rear. That plastic is loose and knocks against the metal when I hit any bumps. It's quite annoying and loud, I'm sure just needs to be reseated or tightened up. I don't want to waste another couple of hours at the body shop so thought I'd ask here.
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I have a sedan so the back is different but I'm guessing its broken or missing clips.
When I removed mine for antenna routing (nav and XM), It was pretty tough to remove without damaging the plastic "tongs" that secure it to the sheet metal. You need to lift up while pulling out to minimize the damage.
The plastic pieces around the window need to be removed first, top down. Then lift up and out for the main plastic piece.
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