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Hatch rattling: deformed latch?

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Hey all,
Last winter I had a close encounter with a snowbank in a rural area and a Good Samaritan with a RAM 1500 offered to pull my 2010 Versa SL Hatchback back onto the road.
The only solid thing that could be found to attach his towing chain to was the trunk hatch latch loop.
Ever since, the hatch has been making a metal rattling sound when I hit bumpy or irregular roads. The sound is clearly coming from the hatch door, as if it was not shut properly (not the sound of a loose part moving around). I have obviously tried many time to close it properly, to no avail.
Could anyone post a pic of their hatch latch loop so I can compare the shape and see if the noise could come from my latch being deformed?
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Mine is 2011 but it should be the same. If yours looks fine, I would check the hatch itself. I have a rattle also, and I think it comes from the little removable cover at the bottom of the plastic panel.


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