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Hatch tent

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Anyone own this? Looks kinda cool, but not sure exactly how useful it would be over a standard tent.
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It does look cool. However it doesn't look like it would work with the versa.
For tents, if I can see it, touch it, and know what brand it is I wouldn't risk buying it. IMO
plus it doesn't say it works with the versa. It shows that it works with most other Nissans
I think the benefit to that kind of thing is limited to trucks/suv's where you could fit an air mattress inside and be up off the ground. Maybe easy access to your gear? The Xterra at the dealer in St. Catharines had one of these tents set up on it. Seemed like a decent quality, but aside from what I already mentioned, I struggle to find a usefulness to it. Personally, where I camp, you can't get there by car. And even if you are car camping, if you have it set up against your car, it seems like it would be alot of effort if you have to go out somewhere to disconnect your tent from your vehicle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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