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Hatch won't open?

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Hi everyone,

We have a 2007 base model versa and when I tried to open the hatch yesterday by pressing the unlock butto twice nothing happened? We don't have an unlock button on the dash, no switch in the glovebox and the only fuse I was told to check was good? I have been reading about it and it seems that there's some remote box in the passenger side door that is most likely the culprit? Has anyone here had this problem and if so how do we fix it? The dealer wants $350 to do the job but we just aren't paying that. I'm very mechanically inclined and can easily replace any part it needs I just to verify what's going on? Thank you in advance for any help!
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Its the motor in the hatch, just had to replace one on an 07. 350 fixed isn't bad.
Can you please elaborate a little more? Im not going to buy a motor without knowing for sure it's the problem. I checked all 4 leads coming into the motor while pressing unlock twice and I never got any power to it? From what I have read on the Internet a lot of people say that it's most likely a unit that's in the passenger side door? I just want to make sure that I'm replacing the right part and would like some guidence on how to troubleshoot this problem. Thank you in advance.
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