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head unitquestion (eonon D2223b and g2223u)

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im just wondering if its worth it, D2223b costs $175 and g2223 is $255. is it worth the $80 (dont know if the maps are included) for a gps navi? i know its a no brainer but im just a student who wants one of these :D
here's the link

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Yes! Navigation is a worthwhile upgrade.
Yes! Navigation is a worthwhile upgrade.
haha and its a one time deal, u cant add gps on it in the near future (i was actually thinking of buying a component system with the $80 i saved)
Just be careful what you buy. No name brands from ebay can sometimes come back to bite you in the but.
^^^ Very true, I'd try a local place like Best Buy. Bit more pricey but warranty is also good.
Best buy is overpriced. I buy all my gear from

They have the same great customer service and warranty as crutchfield, but their prices are INCREDIBLY lower. They also sell more brands than crutchfield.
I have a eonon and they are a great company that works with you if anything bad happens. my uncle has the gps function and they say u cant update the maps but u can buy newer sd cards with the maps downloaded on them. and dont go through ebay because it wont be under warrenty. I would go through there web site
If you've used the brand and had go results, then go for it, and let us know how it goes. Just didn't want you to be burned by a brand I've never heard of.
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