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i know ive heard of headers being mentioned on the site but wasnt sure so i googled em and found a couple....anyone have these?
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Neither one is street legal.
Neither one is street legal.
The only part thasts not is the downpipe. Th header it self is street legal because all it does is open up the exhaust manifold more
well as long as you dont need emissions testing, no one should know.
the down pipe, also called a test pipe on some cars eliminates the cats and emissions makes it so you have to have them but if you dont have emissions testing then you wont have a problem.
Does it fit 1.6s? We dont have emission tests in FL so that would help my V! :D
don't do it, I did it, nothing but leaks and problems. same results with numerous people that have done it, I switched back to OEM.

Wait for DC Sports to release their header.
"This system eliminates factory emissions systems and will not pass emissions tests."
yeah ive heard problems about these so im waitin for DC to come out with a header but i just thought id put it up and see whats the word on em
Emissions tests I live in Cali, you just have to know the right people. I had all non-carbed mods on my fronty passed emissions. Just got give the guya big enough tip to glance past that stuff! :ihih:
I thought El Paso county didn't require emissions tests. Weld county and Larimer county started them in 2011
no emission in El Paso but its registered outta WI so its all good
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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