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headlight restoration

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What do you guys recommend to use for headlight restoration? I read about Meguiars, 3M, Turtle Wax and a few others. Basically, I have a 97 Sentra GXE (my dad's) and I want to get rid of the cloudy, yellow headlights.
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3m is the way to go man
Do you really need a restoration already?

I have heard good things about something called plastiX or something like that. I do believe it is 3M.
ive seen those things too and i want to try it but i want to know why did it turn yellow at the first place so it can be prevented because fixing it wouldnt solve the problem if it will turn yellow again after a few months hehehehehehhehe
Meguiars is nice. It works really well if you get the ball that goes on the electric drill. Makes things quick and easy.
Bought the Meguiar's headlight restoration kit today.
PlasticX is friggen magic stuff.

Why did they go yellow? Globes. What globes you running? Cheaper globes don't have good UV protection so they do in fact 'burn' your lenses from the inside, hence the yellowing plastic.

Hyundai's are synonymous for it as they use crap plastic that has poor UV protection. Probably worse for us down under as its friggen roasting here :p
They've been stock ones the entire time. I told my dad to put some Sylvania Silverstar Ultra's in his Sentra. Been in for about a couple months, but that's not the cause of the yellowing. I believe it could be the intense UV sunlight we get in Colorado and the 5,280 ft altitude.

After they're cleaned with the restoration kit, they appear to be much clearer now.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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