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I just got a 2011 versa and have been entertaining the idea of getting some spiffy aftermarket headlights, but everything i see on, lets say ebay, are for '08 or '09. Question is, is there any difference between the '11 headlights and earlier models? Or will '08-'09s work?
Yessir. As far as I know all 07-11 parts are swapable.

I'm in the same boat and from what i've heard they will work. I don't understand why these company's don't list certain items for a 2010-11, usually only 07, 08, 09's They would sell more items if they tried these products on newer year versa's. Seems like they are probably losing money.
I agree. They need to update their ads, it's the same with most of their intakes and performance parts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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