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Headlights/some dash lights out

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Headlights on both sides are out, but not the hi-beams. Also the console with the auto stick shift has no light, making it dangerous to drive at night. Before I spend the $200 that the dealer recommended to fix it I wanted to get a second opinion.
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Check fuses
We recently had an issue on one of our vehicles where lights were off and the entire car was acting strange. Ended up replacing the battery and everything was fixed. A mechanic friend told us one of the cells must have been bad putting out bad voltage or amps. BTW, we had the battery tested and it showed okay. We just went ahead and replaced it.
It is possible both of the low beams are out. Although it seems very unlikely, we had it happen MANY times at the shop I worked at.

A few of the times we charged people an $80 diagnostic fee for one hour of time to see exactly what the problem addition to the cost of the bulbs.

My vote is to buy at least ONE bulb and replace it and see if it work.

As far as the console shift light, doesnt it show up on your dash? I dont see how thats dangerous. The bulb might be burnt out or a fuse is blown.
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